SternAegis Ventures

"A great idea can inspire and transform lives,
but only when it is implemented."

Adam K. Stern

CEO of SternAegis Ventures and
Head of Private Equity Banking at Aegis Capital

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SternAegis Ventures is the management team within Aegis Capital Corp.’s Private Equity Banking group that is responsible for venture capital financing.

SternAegis is committed to identifying and financing ventures that can potentially realize above-average returns for investors willing and able to accept above-average risk.

SternAegis’ goal is to fund an idea from its early stage to its potential market acceptance. We utilize our team’s experience to attempt to identify ‘the next big idea’, then endeavor to add value through our expertise in capital raising and the introduction of strategic relationships.

Revolutionary Ideas

SternAegis specializes in early stage funding of cutting edge technology, telecom, media, Internet, emerging growth, and life sciences companies. Working with entrepreneurs and investors, we use our passion, expertise and drive with the objective of transforming revolutionary ideas into dynamic successes.

Our Key Objectives

  1. Identify
    big ideas

  2. Bring ideas
    to life

  3. Create brands
    with long-term
    investment value

  4. Drive toward
    successful results


[off-road thinking]

Our approach is anything but cookie-cutter. We provide out of the box thinking with, we believe, real value to investors, entrepreneurs and early stage companies.We have the experience and insight to identify ideas that may have real potential.

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SternAegis Advantage:

Capital Markets Positioning

As part of Aegis Capital, SternAegis is equipped to assist in the capital formation of companies seeking to progress from private financing to access to capital from the public markets. In addition to acting as agent for private placements, Aegis has the capability to underwrite IPO’s and secondary offerings.

Please note: in accordance with FINRA Rule 2210 (d)(3)(C), all such offerings are through Aegis Capital Corp., a registered broker-dealer.

A Strong Partner

SternAegis partners with entrepreneurs and early stage companies in an effort to bring ideas to fruition. Working with entrepreneurs and investors on multiple ventures we build strong and deep relationships. Being part of Aegis Capital also enables us to provide a broad range of capital markets services not offered by typical venture capital funds.


Results Driven

Our goal is to offer venture investments with the possibility of positive returns to our network of accredited investors.
  1. >We seek to use our experience to clearly communicate a venture’s business operations and important investment considerations.

  2. >We draw on our team’s experience to attempt to add value to each venture and to create attractive risk-adjusted opportunities for our investors

  3. >Our deep and enduring relationships enable us to work with entrepreneurs and investors on multiple ventures

  4. Our positioning within Aegis Capital enables us to work with companies throughout the private and public capital formation process, not just during the early stages of a venture