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SternAegis Ventures is the management team within Aegis Capital Corp. that is responsible for venture capital and private equity financing. We are committed to identifying and financing ventures that can potentially realize above-average returns for investors willing and able to accept above average risk.

Our SternAegis team partners with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to bring ideas to life, endeavoring to create brands with long-term investment value.  We utilize our team’s experience to attempt to identify ‘the next big idea’, and then endeavor to add value through our expertise in capital raising and the introduction of strategic relationships. 

As part of Aegis Capital Corp., SternAegis offers large firm execution capability with a small firm service approach. SternAegis bridges the gap between emerging growth companies and the capital markets by providing investment banking services and principal investment. SternAegis is well equipped to assist in the capital formation of companies seeking to progress from private financing to accessing capital from the public markets. In addition to acting as agent for private placements, Aegis Capital Corp. is very active in underwriting IPO’s and secondary offerings.

Unlike typical venture firms, we have the capabilities of a broker-dealer that is a member of FINRA and SIPC. We provide capital and advisory services throughout the lifecycle of a company. When entering into an advisory role or capital raising opportunity we employ our network of strategic advisors, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and C-level management relationships to fully analyze the operational and financial needs of an organization. This allows us to help implement ideas from start to finish — a big advantage to investors and entrepreneurs.

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Please note: all securities are offered by Aegis Capital Corp., a registered broker-dealer.

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