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Hydrofarm and Precision Cultivation Systems (PCS) Announce Exclusive Distribution Partnership

Hydrofarm and Precision Cultivation Systems (PCS) Announce Exclusive Distribution Partnership

PETALUMA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc., a leading independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, today announced a strategic, exclusive partnership with Precision Cultivation Systems.

The patented Precision Cultivation Systems (PCS) range of grow stations produces the ultimate conditions for optimized plant growth, increased plant health, and the largest yields with the highest levels of genetic expression possible. This multi award-winning system achieves these results consistently via many proprietary features, while also decreasing labor costs.

This unique hybrid cultivation system has been developed and refined over the last twenty years and constructed entirely from medical grade ABS plastics. It is suitable for use on a small or large commercial scale with traditional inorganic, organic, and recirculating hydroponics -based growing methods.

“We are pleased to exclusively offer Precision Cultivation Systems, which has received multiple awards as a result of their proprietary features, to our comprehensive offering for the professional indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grower,” said Hydrofarm CEO Bill Toler.

Kris Kaminski, CEO of Precision Cultivation Systems, added, “We are privileged to be able to work exclusively with Hydrofarm and have access to their considerable sales, marketing, and business expertise. Announcing this strategic partnership, our mission to bring quality, effective, and reliable cultivation hardware and methods to growers across the world has taken a significant step forward.”

About Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc.

Hydrofarm is independently owned and is one of the nation’s leading wholesalers and manufacturers of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, including high-intensity grow lights, climate control solutions, and growing media. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, Hydrofarm has eight distribution centers across North America to best serve the growing needs of its customers. For additional information, please visit:

About Precision Cultivation Systems

Precision Cultivation Systems LLC is a Delaware based company specializing in the design, manufacture, and implementation of its patented award-winning high-performance plant cultivation system. PCS has decades of experience in commercial cultivation, environmental science, plant physiology, and product engineering to make it possible to not just grow, but to grow with precision. For additional information, please visit:

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